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Team Bios

  • Richard Phillips

    Co-Founder, Senior Index Analyst, and Head of Index Operations

Richard is Co-Founder, Senior Index Analyst and Head of Index Operations of S-Network Global Indexes. He is responsible for all aspects of index development and production, overseeing the creation and distribution of more than 200 stock market indexes which serve as the basis for over $8 billion in financial products.

Prior to S-Network, Richard worked as a Senior Consultant to UBS, with responsibility for the firm’s EUR 1 billion+ European exchange traded fund initiative. Richard also served as a Managing Director and Senior Consultant of S-Network LLC, where he advised major financial institutions on ETFs and index-based product development. He maintained primary responsibility for relationships with the American Stock Exchange, Deutsche Borse and UBS and helped facilitate iShares and Vanguard’s entry into the US ETF market Prior to joining S-Network, Richard served as Managing Director of HP Corporate Communications, Inc., a New York consulting firm specializing in strategic planning for large financial institutions. Over a fifteen-year period, Richard was responsible for overseeing long-term relationships with Deutsche Bank, UBS, Swiss Bank Corporation, Societe Generale, National Westminster Bank, Deutsche Borse, Eurex, the German Economics Ministry, the Czech State (Central) Bank, the Deutsche Bundesbank and the United Nations Development Program, among others. Richard attended Hunter College.

  • Patrick Shaddow

    Director of Index Operations

Patrick is responsible for the development, production and maintenance of all S-Network indexes, including indexes that serve as the underlying for financial products holding over $8 billion in AuM. He is also responsible for the oversight of product-centered company IT. Patrick started at S-Network in 2007 and has engaged directly in every facet of the index business. He oversees development and production of domestic and international equity indexes as well as indexes that include 40-Act funds, futures and options.

Patrick has been responsible for the development of S-Network’s Benchmark Index Series and the Thomson Reuters/S-Network ESG Best Practices Indexes and Ratings, as well as a number of smart beta and thematic indexes. Patrick is a member of the IADB Sustainable Index Committee.

Prior to joining S-Network, Patrick worked as a Research Analyst for Dow Jones Indexes, where he was a member of the custom index quarterly review. Patrick earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance with a concentration in Management Information Systems from Rutgers University School of Business.

  • Mike Keenan

    Managing Member, Stowe Partners, LLC.

Mike Keenan is a consulting geologist in private practice with 17 years experience in the natural resources field. His expertise lies in the economic analysis of energy-related natural resources, including uranium, coal, oil, and natural gas, along with the precious and base metals. In addition to private practice, he has served as a natural resources regulator at the State and local levels in California. Mr. Keenan founded Stowe Partners, LLC in 2006 to provide natural resource-based investment consulting to the money management industry. He is an active member of the Geological Society of America Coal Division and the American Geophysical Union. He earned a B.Sc. in Geology and an MPA from the California State University System.

  • Joseph LaCorte, CFA

    Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Joseph is Co-Founder and CEO of S-Network Global Indexes. He is responsible for all aspects of the company’s business including business development, human resources, administration, public relations, operations and compliance.

Prior to S-Network, Joseph served as a Managing Director of UBS, with responsibility for all facets of the firm’s global exchange traded fund (ETF) initiative. Prior to joining UBS, Joseph was a Managing Director and Senior Consultant of S-Network LLC, where he maintained responsibility for relationships with key clients, including State Street Bank & Trust, Goldman Sachs and Barclays Global Investors. Before joining S-Network, Joseph was a Managing Director of Deutsche Bank where he was responsible for the bank’s US index arbitrage and portfolio trading businesses. Joseph managed Deutsche Bank’s entry into the US ETF market, launching the first open-end 40-Act Fund to be listed on a US stock exchange. He also worked as part of the management teams at both Nomura and Kidder Peabody, with responsibility for managing those firms’ index arbitrage businesses. Joseph graduated with a BA in Political Science from the State University of New York at Stony Brook.